Who WE are is the least important thing in this entire story. It is what we offer and present that matters.  And we offer top quality airsoft experience, the entire island with all the accompanying original military facilities for airsoft only. Have you ever seen or heard about an airsoft island…? In such natural and genuine form, we don’t think so…

Forests, meadows and mountains where you play airsoft have become boring, monotonous, you know them so well – every blade of grass, every rock or tree, every path or road – so well that you don’t even need maps? Unwanted civilians literally pop-up in the middle of the fight, boring hunters foam and comply because you scare their prey off, you are afraid of sudden wild animal attacks or poisonous snake bites…?

You can forget all of the above as soon as you touch the ground on our territory. It is the area created for airsoft in its purest form, without any obstacles and for a top adrenaline experience.
What we offer is truly unique because a combination of an excellent local food, sun, lush nature and clear sea will make your stay here seem like a real airsoft paradise and you will never want to leave this island ever again.

The ultimate connection of airsoft, body and soul relaxation and a fantastic and invaluable experience is 100% guaranteed! So, in addition to organization of our own events, we are able to offer clubs, teams and national associations the organization of their own events and meetings of all types at any time of year in the time period they choose. We pay much attention to all aspects of the events before, during and after their duration.

The most important thing is that this is the “only for airsoft” paradise. Only you and a few islands, yes, you read it right, island-S, ONLY for airsoft. And we provide absolutely everything and there is no need to worry about anything: transportation, accommodation, food, water, refreshing drinks, spare parts, BB’s, power supply batteries, charts, and much more – you name it and we provide it. All you have to do is to make a decision and dare to come.
Try something new, original, unique and unrepeatable. Come experience the real airsoft ecstasy, an explosion of emotions driven by the strongest adrenaline airsoft ever. Call us, mail us, send a god damn messenger pigeon, whatever you want… we will respond because we are here for you!!!

Hardcore airsoft – only for the bravest

Some more info, details, plans…

There are accommodation and food facilities on the island as the company is involved in Adventure tourism for about 15 years now.

Connection of Mrčara with port Ubli at the island of Lastovo is under our arrangement, too. There are ferry and hydrofoil travel lines available from Split every day . It is also possible to rent a tourist boat if a larger group of people registers, which then turns into a real trip.

We are able to offer and organize all kinds of airsoft scenarios from several hours fights to fights that last 24, 48 or even more hours, depending on a size of the group.

Also, our airsoft offer may be extended with tourist attractions as well as the fantastic atmosphere of sea, sun and local food.  Basically, our general offer is a combination of airsoft and holidays. Of course, You decide how many days you want to fight and how to enjoy the benefits of this island and according to that You may negotiate the terms of the package, for example:

“Weekend Getaway”
-Friday: Arrival in the afternoon
-Saturday: All Day Fight
-Sunday:  Departure


-Saturday: Arrival
-Sunday: Recreation
-Monday: All Day Fight
-Tuesday: All Day Fight
-Wednesday: Recreation
-Thursday: Recreation
-Friday: All Day Fight
-Saturday: Departure


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