Welcome to the ultimate airsoft zone,  Adriatic Airsoft -Alfa battle field on the island of Mrcara.

Mrcara is located on the southern part of the Adriatic sea, near island of Lastovo… It had been the property of the EX YU army till 1979.,  when they left the island,  leaving behind military buildings, bunkers, underground tunnels and chambers, machine gun nests and trenches…

Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa is specialized in milsim games which offer the very best of airsoft.  We are the private-held company and the goal of all of our games and events is to create  fun as well as positive and memorable experience for all of the participants.

 Everyone is welcome to our events and we will take bookings from single player to whole team.  Advantage of this airsoft battle field is that anyone can experience the most authentic military environment in this region and even further because of the original military buildings.  Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa can provide You with the unique  experience of warfare both on land and at sea, particularly during spring and summer. It is also very attractive  for its natural beauties ..sun, crystal clear sea,  pine forest,  low vegetation. An interesting fact is that there are no poisonous snakes, so the players can freely enjoy in all benefits of this airsoft battle field.

Coming to the Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa events  will become an  adventure that You will remember for the rest of your life.
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