Brand New Airsoft Field!
airsoft field

View from the plane

The firm “Morski konjic d.o.o.”, with headquarters in Split, is able to present You with a new airsoft field. The location of the field is on Mrčara, an uninhabited island, isolated from the civilization, near the island of Lastovo. The island is under the concession of the above-mentioned company, therefore the access to the island is limited, which makes it an ideal site for airsoft activities.

Until 1979., Mrčara has been under the control of Ex-Yu Navy. The Navy left behind a number of military facilities after it’s departure, both ground and underground: the barracks, machine gun and sniper nests, ground and underground bunkers with an abundance labyrinths, tunnels, rooms and exits to the surface. All these objects, embedded in the environment of the Mediterranean climate, pine forests and low vegetation with meadows and rocky terrain make it possible to create a unique and unrepeatable airsoft environment. The island occupies an area of about 3Ha which leaves enough space to host fights with larger audience (300-400 people).

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