General Rules & Guidelines

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Below you can read general rules and guidelines which apply to each and every event under our organization. Specific rules and conditions can be arranged for each event individually and they will be added to these below:

Every player participates in the game at his own risk. Game area is quite hard, rocks, tree roots, tough roads etc. We highly recommend wearing helmets, gloves, knee pads and other protection equipment. Extreme caution is needed during night and it is advised to use flashlights.

Every participant must wear protection goggles through the game. It is recommended to use protective facial masks in the buildings where shooting would be on short distance. Again, gloves, helmets & knee pads are more than recommended.

Smoke grenades, tear gas and any type of pyrotechnics are strictly prohibited at the site, except the ones provided by the organizers.

In case of any health accident the game is stopped and each of the participants must help the wounded as much as he can and inform the game organizer.

In the case of spotting a civilian (almost impossible but still…), it is important to stop the game by shouting STOP CIVIL and to cease fire. In case of any conflict with that person, please call the organizers.

A hit is considered being the hit anytime the player as well his equipment (including weapons) gets shot by BB. If you are hit, you shout HIT, put your hat down, raise your arms or put on reflexive vest and walk to the respawn point. Dead players can’t talk with the others until reaching the off-zone.

If you sleep during the game you must have protection goggles all the time. Game can’t be stopped in case you want to pack your things because of early departure from the game. For people who want to have a good sleep it is recommended to sleep in the off-zone in the designated area.

It is strictly prohibited to insult other players no matter what. Use common sense and don’t argue or start verbal fights.


-You must follow Croatian law
-You mustn’t participate if under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol
-You must not bring any real shooting weapons to the event
-You must be 18+ years old
-You must follow directions of the organizers and the game masters.
-You mustn’t spread rumors and disinformation during the event.
-You must bring valid identification with you, such as a passport or a driver’s license with a picture and your name to be able to get properly identified.
-Any violations of the law occurring in the game area must be reported to the Croatian Police by the participants.
-You attend the Adriatic Airsoft – Alfa event/s at your own risk.
-As a participant you must have your insurance in order and bring the relevant papers in case you need to seek medical assistance at a Croatian hospital. If you need to visit a hospital or dentist in a non-emergency situation, we are not responsible for the transportation.

If you break any of the rules above, you will be deported from the game site immediately without getting a refund, and proper legal actions will be taken against you.


-We will do our best to secure a highly professional level of the event.
-We are not responsible for any injuries that may occur to the participants.
-We can’t be held responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property of the participants -before, during and after the game.
-We will not be accountable for any kind of infection or disease that may start during and develop after the event.
-We cannot guarantee any certain amount of action or fun during our events. We are responsible for providing the basis, scenario and the organizational side of the game. However, we will do everything in our power to provide the best experience possible for each participant.
-We generally don’t provide any transport service on the site. You will have to to walk to your base, camp, safe zone, respawn during, before and after the game.