VIDEO: Genesis Project – Aftermath

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Operation Rising Sun After Action Report

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Operation Rising Sun AAR

The idea of playing airsoft games on an uninhabited island sounds pretty interesting. Well, this year we got an invitation from Kreso Glavica of Adriatic Airsoft – Alfa to attend OP Rising Sun which was held on a small island in the Dalmatian region of Croatia. Since I haven’t met anybody who has already been there I did not know what to expect, I’ll let Kreso first tell you about the island:

“The first event organized at Mrcara island was a paintball game, Call to Duty III in July, 2011. hosted 81 players (‘Crazy 81’, you need to mention them ;-), from all over the world: Australia, USA, Canada, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Croatia, Greece, and Poland. The next game was Rjavi Ris 8-Op. Octopus in September in the same year. Next year in May we organized a Boot Camp with international instructors for martial arts, CQB, military drill and survival, which was 4 days of brutal training. We have some ideas to continue these kinds of events in the future in combination with airsoft.

Our island can accommodate up to 150 players and with that many players we get intense games but from 20 players per team the scenarios are already playable. Why games on Mrcara are different? Maybe that question is for the players. But as far as I can see, whoever visited Mrcara loved it from the very first moment, the same way as I fell in love with it at first sight: peaceful, beautiful nature, no civilization, and isolated from the rest of the world.

After this last event of the season I will have a little break, to get rest, and continue planning next events… I hope that the first will be in May, 2013.

Game organizers are welcome to ‘rent’ the island for their very own game..they only need to contact us and we will set things into motion quick and easy.

Players can also go to diving school, rent a boat for picnic or come here to the island with their whole family because we are also in tourism business, renting rooms and cottages on our island.”

Meeting point was at Split’s Harbor Dock #28 at 0800H. Everyone who drove to this location also had the chance to put their vehicles into a guarded parking garage free of charge. Kreso at the dock was greeting all incoming players and when everyone got there he gave us our ferry tickets. The journey to the island took about five hours including a brief stop and a change of ferries in Vela Luka. Mrcara is located just off the coast of a smaller island called Lastovo. Here we changed to small fishing boats with all our luggage and began the final leg of the trip to Mrcara. Since the weather was quite windy on arrival, we didn’t start setting up tents and just occupied an old two-story military building. People soon started assembling rifles, preparing their gear for an early morning start the next day. After an informal meet and greet we all had a nice dinner that Kreso and his family prepared for us.

Gear: Only the use of BIO BBs were allowed on the island and for that I had GFC Rockets in my bag which are colored brown blending into the environment after they’re spent. No Hi-Cap magazines on Mrcara (thank you Kreso). Silver Team members had to wear desert camo while White Shadow were sporting woodland colors, no blue and red armbands were necessary, only an orange rug which represented an injured/dead player. CQB limit was set at 350fps so I took my shiny new Marui SCAR-H that I was able to use both in the bunkers and outside as well. The terrain is rough and players often meet rocks and loose wooden terrain so wearing tough mountain boots was necessary. Usually, the Croatian coast is sunny and warm at this time of the year but if you are prepared with a poncho it could keep you dry if the weather turns and this is where I made a mistake because I forgot to pack any rain gear.

The first morning we all had to chrono our guns before the mission briefing began. Along with 3 Germans, 3 Slovenians and 9 UK gamers, I got assigned to the Silver Phoenix Squad (Silver Team) while 26 Italian players formed the forces of White Shadows. Our task was simple: land the shores at the White Shadows outpost, distract communications, disable power station, search/disarm nuclear bombs and most importantly kill everyone who interferes with the above objectives. Since the sea was pretty rough that day and safety was the organizers/team leaders’ biggest concern they canceled the landing on the shore which involved a Zodiac type boat. Now we had to go straight after the bombs leaving the first part of the mission for the next day.

Everything went fine the first day except the heavy rain, but my Marui SCAR-H didn’t let me down at all. We were all soaking wet by the time the mission ended but this did not stop us to start the night mission after a tasty dinner provided by our hosts.

We were fighting in pitch darkness broken by powerful weapon lights and occasional red hit-indicators. The objective of this mission was to fight our way up the hill obtaining hidden glow sticks at three different points. Our enemy was equipped with Night vision sights and this did cost us lives, but Kreso the game master, came up with a great idea: use the Lada Niva as a “helicopter” to confuse our enemies. Our Rangers got the task to land in a Hot LZ while the rest of the Silver Team was providing cover fire. The plan worked and Silver Team put one more on the tally.

On the morning of our last game-day the gods were good to us as they provided nice weather. Too bad I had to bring only a Pentax as a weapon instead of the SCAR-H. I took photos without an orange vest sneaking through the bushes as part of the team. The terrain was unforgiving (Low Speed High Drag) but we managed to reach the G-Spot (Power Station) nearly undetected. Silver Team lost two of its Rangers in the process but we took the objective. Here I had to witness the dedication of our Medic who jumped into the water so he can heal his teammate who got himself between the rock and a hard place. This brave move saved the day for Silver Phoenix.

The other part of our team had to face the Italian guys at the barracks where they got defeated by Nebbia and his guys.

There was no clear victor at the end of the event but this didn’t bother any of us. We all had fun and that’s the most important thing. For me personally, this was the best event I ever went to. Of course there were small arguments and rule misinterpretations but none of which ruined the experience. There was no need for the game marshals to interfere with the game. The last night we all sat down at the same table sharing stories, jokes, and drinks. The party after the event was purely fun: excellent food and great people. I think everyone left Mrcara as a winner. Great work from the staff and both teams. See you guys in the next Mrcara event.

More photos of Operation Rising Sun At our Facebook Page and below is a video taken during the event.

Combat Zone – Military magazine

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The most relevant news from combat zone from all over the world…news, weapon reviews, interviews, game reports and plenty more. Download electronic version for only 1 dollar. More for less, get it, NOW.

Op. Rising Sun

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30 hours milsim
100 players

…more details coming soon…

Island Invasion 2012

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So, it’s finally a New Year 2012, eh? We here at the Adriatic Airsoft Alfa team  are all pumped up for the up and coming events in the following months to bring more awesome and epic moments and experiences to you guys.

The announcements and updates regarding the 2012 Island Invasion event are buzzing over on Facebook for quite a while now, so it’s about time to announce it officially here as well. There are already around 50 people confirmed for the event, and the spots are filling up fast. Registration deadline is February 28th, so there’s plenty of time left, but the spots are limited so watch out if you don’t want to be left out.

As for the details, here’s a short breakdown of the events operations:

17.05.2012. (Thursday) – 20.05.2012. (Sunday)

Croatia, Split (Harbor, coordinates will be added very soon)

Game TYPE: Search & Rescue (48 h OP)

PRICE: 180 EUR including – transportation from Split to the island Mrcara and back; field rent, taxes, camping site with water and eletricity, game water, 3 x breakfast ( Friday, Saturday & Sunday), 3 x dinner – Thursday, Friday and Saturday – you can preorder fish or meet; Saturday after party includes free beer and vine. During the game you can purchase non alcoholic beverages and after dinner you can refresh yourself with Croatian beer.

For additional info about tickets & transportation from Germany or else, please contact NILS SCHNEIDER at

And a bit more info is available on

Hardcore airsoft,
Only for the bravest
AAA Team

New Year, New Adriatic Airsoft Events

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Adriatic Airsoft Events..Milsim events produced by Adriatic Adventures..starting Summer 2012. …What to expect..? ..original military environment..secret bases..reconn missions..individual & team tactics..speed boat insertions..CQB..and plenty more..We will test your physical abilities in the most realistic combat..We will push you to the human body limits..We will test your mental stamina and instinct for survival..We will take all the best from you as a soldier..and you will have to prove that you are able to survive all these..after these events, you will have a totally different view of airsoft..we promise..hardcore airsoft..only for the bravest.. Powered by Adriatic Adventures..

More info coming soon..stay tuned..

GAME REPORT: Rjavi Ris 8 – Operation Octopus

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Location: Island Mrcara, South Adriatic Sea, Croatia

Date: 22.9.-25.9. ’11
Words: Kreso Glavica, edited by Bill Thomas
Photos: Laszlo Kertesz

Earlier in 2011 we brought you pictures of Mrcara Island, and gave heads up on the game about to run there this September I’ve been following this story and working with Kreso Glavica, the CEO of Adriatic Adventures to bring you the lowdown on a truly international game!.

Getting Rolling
With players from all over the EU driving through the night to get to Split Harbor in personal cars, mini vans or in coach the Adriatic Adventures staff provided a secure parking garage for the vehicles and a parking place for the bus in Split. From this point, to get to the game involved a further 5 hour journey from Split to the island of Mrcara. The first part of the trip was by commercial ferry boat to the island of Korcula; this takes 3 hours on a comfortable ferry where soft drinks, beer, sandwiches or a full meal can be had.

Alternatively players were able to take a nap or just enjoy in the trip on the open deck in the sunshine! Next a private boat was hired and that took the guys with all equipment direct to Mrcara, since it is not connected with regular line. That part of the trip took 2 more hours of less comfortable travel, but it prepared the guys for the upcoming event; as Adriatic Adventures like to say: Hardcore airsoft; only for the bravest.


The AO
Mrcara is located in the southern part of the Adriatic Sea, near the island of Lastovo. It was the property of the army until 1979; when they left the island, military buildings, bunkers, underground tunnels and chambers, machine gun nests and trenches, submarine pens, remained making this little island ideal for the most realistic scenarios. Designed and constructed for real engagements all of the military facilities are very complex and extremely difficult to assault. All players need to put in max effort and have their A Game on to really enjoy one of the most authentic and unique experiences that airsoft can provide.

The Story Unfolds…
On the Islas de la Bahia, just offshore Honduran coast, the years old struggle between Salvador and Honduras continues….

More than 40 years ago a group of Salvadorian pirat..err..fishermen settled on the remote island of Utila and this rankled Honduran national pride and led to ongoing conflict. With intelligence services involved on both sides and strong support of the “Big Neighbor” to the North, Bahia islands soon became a testing ground for most modern small arms manufacturers.

As of 2011the major militia groups involved were:

• -The Utilas Privateers consist mostly of Salvadorian seamen and wanted criminals from all over the Caribbean. Their law is a simple copy/paste from Blackbeard’s creed!

• -The Guanajas Corsairs are mostly Honduran ex military and Cuban resistance who fled from Fidel’s long hand. They call themselves freedom fighters but they also discovered that piracy brings a bigger buck than fishing.

Bahia is of course loaded with spies and MARSOC blackside operators, whose main aim was to keep fighting going but to keep to everything compartmentalized.

In caves on the west coast of La Bahia, Guanajas Corsairs secretly prepared to launch a major maritime operation on Utila. Their goal was to destroy the Utilas Privateers for good.

However, in the years after the Army left the island, Utila had become an impenetrable fortress and the home of the Privateers. Their only option was to defend themselves or to die doing it, so a bloodbath was the only sure outcome for both sides…

Carnage and Chaos!
The game was created and marshaled by AK Salamander from Slovenia and there were 92 players from all over the EU: players travelled from Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Hungary giving the game a truly international flavor. Operation Octopus was a full 2 day war-sim without night ops due to safety concerns in such a remote location, but with CQC in underground facilities.

On Day 1 the game started at 0900hrs and the plan was to include 2 smaller islands in front of Mrcara, including a bigger one with a submarine pen. The organizers decided that due to strong wind and big waves, and razor sharp cliffs they would use the submarine pen on the island Prezba, island Veli Rutvenjak & the main island of Mrcara for the main operation.

It was really fantastic to see one big catamaran under the pirate flag with a nasty Browning M2 on the bow followed by two smaller fast boats, cruising around the island, leading attacks from the sea while troops were landing on the island and trying to overcome the defenders. After a successful landing, there were smaller fast boat ops around Mrcara where the main action continued in the forest, on the cliffs, between the trenches, machine gun nests and CQC in the underground facilities on the top of the island. There was no pyro because of the great risk from the fire, but no one complained.

Day one finished at 1900hrs, but the fun continued by players refreshing themselves in crystal clear and a still warm sea. Just imagine, a bunch of guys floating around in the sea, enjoying it a kids after a hard day. Socializing continued but not so long into the night as players had another day of hardcore airsoft in front of them!

The game recommenced at 0900hrs on Day 2 with a continuation of the scenario but the weather was much better; no wind, no waves, so everything was more fluid and after the Maritime Ops you could see a big smile on the players faces. Battle continued on the island of Mrcara with closing fights in the afternoon utilizing every single inch of the underground bunkers. That was the most realistic and the most dynamic part of the game where the attackers needed to get through the labyrinth of the underground tunnels and chambers. An exhausting but exhilarating fight finished by the island defenders being narrowly beaten.

Upon conclusion of the action the party started with players taking photos together all over the island for a life-long memory! The Adriatic Adventures team prepared the most authentic Dalmatian cuisine (fish and meat grill ) with lots of beer and wine, and the party went on long into the night, with game stories, jokes, laughter and song. Morning came all too quickly and all players participated in cleaning the camp area, so there was no garbage left behind them. The private boat came arrived at the scheduled departure time and by the looks on their faces all the players were already looking forward to their next visit.

Mrcara was left behind and Operation Octopus was over, but the memories would remain with the players forever!


It’s just a Game, Right?

Kreso had this to tell me:


As a game producer we just can’t be objective but judging by the big smiles on the faces of the guys, and without a single complaint, we can say that the game was total success. We do our best to provide all necessary things to fulfill players’ expectations from organizing parking garage in Split, the transfer from Split to Mrcara and back, accommodation, game site with plenty of water, power, right through to the post-game party.


When we asked the players how they felt on the island, and their thoughts on the game all we could see was big smile all round. That was enough for us, but there were some really positive comments!


Experience like never before… really hardcore.. Simply amazing…. so exhausting but so refreshing… outstanding…. so fu….g realistic… unique… we’ll be back for sure… one of the greatest sites I’ve ever played!

It has been my great pleasure to work with Kreso on this report, and I am only sorry that events dictated I couldn’t attend even though the invitation was graciously given; next time Kreso, next time!

Kreso also expressed his thanks Paul Monaf and the Ai Team for the interest in Adriatic Adventures and Mrcara and rest assured we will keep you posted as to further games there! Kreso also asked that we thanked the game partners Shoreline from UK and AK Salamander from Slovenia on his, and Adriatic Adventures, behalf.

Call To Duty III – Aftermath

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For the first time ever, brave guerilla players from all over the world gathered and joined forces – some to attack, others to defend. These brave men, the crazy 81, through courage and teamplay faced one of the biggest challenges of their lifetime. Have no doubt, this was not for the faint of heart – many gave up along the road, beaten and defeated by the intense heat, long walks and uptight fights in the dark and frightening tunnels.
3 days and 3 nights these crazy 81 have been experiencing everything of their heart’s desire – let the videos and pictures speak instead of words, for not a thousand words can describe one picture – crazy 81, you don’t know, you weren’t there…

Call to Duty III – Crazy 81

Call to Duty III

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The history is about to be changed…
Call to Duty III










The Island – Video

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Coming soon…only for the bravest!

Facebook Video