The Island: Last Stand


Present day. COVID-19 pandemic has been finished, but fear remains. Fear from new sorts of viruses that could disturb everyday life again.

Independat investigation discovered that COVID-19 is deigned in the laboratory and released to bring chaos in World’s economy. Nobody knows  who is behind that act, but there are rumours of big „Corporation“ founded by pharmaceutical companies and banks who control production of all World’s medicine supplies. No proof against them was ever found.

The most powerful countries in the World, USA, Russia and China, stand united in a New World Alliance, with one goal only, new, better and safer World. They send 3 best molecular biologists to start project „Excallibur“. Main goal of Excallibur is to create and produce universal anti-virus that could  defeat all viruses, known or unknown.

„Excallibur project“ is Top Secret operation and as such, is being held secret at „Off grid“ remote island. Elite military forces from each country are sent to the island as a protective force in case of need.

In the meantime, behind the closed doors somewhere in the French Alps, secret meeting is in progress. „Corportation“ leaders are planning to overtake the fascility on the island and capture the scientists in order to take control over „Excallibur“ project.

Battle for the mankind has already begun and it will take the Last Stand… At The Island…!!!