We have a new partner!

The last weekend (October 9-11) was a historical success for the Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa team. We welcomed the president of AK Salamander – Brujo and representatives of the Delta Force from Novo Mesto, Bauka and Blade at our beautiful island of Mrcara. We – Blackwing, Hawk and Bubi from AAA were their humble hosts. Official visit of our Slovenian neighbors was spent in touring the island and its contents related to planning and organization of the airsoft event in 2011, which is about to be organized by AK Salamander as a game master and coordinator. Besides the ideal conditions for organizing several high quality events throughout the year, our guests had a chance to try and enjoy local specialties such as fish soup, octopus salad, grilled fish and meat bell, ham and cheese with a glass of red wine, and there was enough time to take a swim in a still relatively warm sea. Although this was a short visit, it resulted in a cooperation and partnership between Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa & AK Salamander as an exclusive partner renowned in the world of airsoft. AK Salamander agreed to encourage the development of airsoft in these areas and create the ultimate airsoft paradise destination in this unique environment.

Hardcore airsoft – only for the bravest!
Powered by: Adriatic Airsoft-Alfa & AK Salamander

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