Dress code:

ALL gangs must have Post Apocalyptic dress code.

Use your imagination and combine your own personal post apocalyptic dress code…for an example ripped T-shirts or pants, cloaks, belts, chains, you can get your faces painted, etc…everything is allowed except usual military outfit ( same camo T-shirt and pants)

It would be the best if each gang have their own identity (gang colours) so they can be recognizable…

BB’s: Since we are organizing this event in the park of nature, we want to preserve the park as clean as possible so BIO BB’s are required

FPS rules

HIT rules

The definition of being “Hit” is when the airsoft BB hits any part of the players’ clothing, body, or weapon.

Once a player is “Hit”, he or she will raise their weapon over their head and shout “HIT” and put reflecting (green, yellow or red) west on a visible point.

Safety kill rule will apply to ALL 5-6 meter distances by just pointing weapon and saying “BANG-BANG”. Eye contact must be established. “Killed” player can call for a MEDIC.

Silent kill rule will apply to close range distance by just saying three times “SILENT KILL” and little touch with both hands on the opponents shoulders. “Killed” player is instantly going to the MASH for respawn.


Ricochets DO NOT count as hits.

Hits through the bushes COUNT as a kill.

It is NOT ALLOWED to call enemies hit. You are allowed to shot on enemies till HIT has been shout.

If you have any issues with enemies not calling HIT, report it to your team leader, who will report that to GAME MASTER/MARSHALL.

All integrity violations and non calling of “hits” will be dealt with swiftly and severely. Failure to call hits will result in an immediate ejection from that day’s game event.

Medic rules

Each team will start with 1 medic. Medic can heal 2 times every player by putting armband around the arm and staying in contact 1 minute. Third HIT, you go directly to MASH. Exiting MASH is every 20 minutes or on full hour. 5 minutes bleedout. Wounded player can be walked or dragged from the hitting point to the shelter. Wounded player can’t shoot while healing but Medic can but maintaining the contact. If the contact is interrupted, healing must start again. Only Medic heal Medic or two players by maintaing the contact for 1 minute and putting the band around his arm.

Pyro rules

  1. ANY kind of explosives are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!!!
  2. NO OPEN FLAME or SMOKING in AO (area of operations)!!!
  3. NO smoke grenades or flash bangs at ALL!!!


There will be designated smoking areas!!!

CQB rules

  1. Single shot ONLY according the chroning rules (class 1)
  2. AIM the body, not the head
  3. BANG-BANG rule apply up to 3m

Night game rules

  1. DURATION: 22:00hrs-03:00hrs
  1. Flash light, muzzle flash generator or tracer must be mounted on the replica and must be used during the shooting
  1. Night and thermal visions are allowed, but be aware of strobe light that will be used in the Underground of Little Brother
  1. Red lightstick or red light helmet mounted must be used when player has been hit.
  1. NO MEDIC, there will be several MASH points, marked in different color for each team, that can be used for respawn, so when you are HIT, turn the RED light ON and head to the nearest MASH for respawn
  1. SEMI ONLY in the CQB