Planet Earth. Year 2032. Dark Ages. The solar flare broke through ozone, destroyed all satellites in Earth orbit and left the Earth in darkness. The land that we once knew, that we had, that we exploited – no longer exists. Internet, satellite communications, GPS systems, all IT equipment, communication systems, everything was destroyed. Due to large ozone holes, huge parts of the Earth’s surface turned into deserts. The world’s largest stock markets have fallen. All the great world governments are gone. USA, Russia, China, the EU no longer exists. The world is ruled by chaos, anarchy and violence. Modern warfare, based on sophisticated technology, information and satellite systems, is no longer possible. Outlaw gangs, in search of natural resources, are ravaging and destroying the last oases of civilization. One of the last oases of civilization, rich in natural resources and where normal life is possible, is located on an island in the Mediterranean. The leader of that community is a former PMC, popularly known as The Priest. Since his community is made up mostly of civilians, with no military experience, Priest knew their oasis would eventually be found, and everything they created would be destroyed. Relying on his vast military experience, gained on battlefields around the world and an extensive network of contacts, Priest decided on a desperate move, sending his scouts around the world to find his former comrades, to join them in preserving their community. After two years of wandering, scouts managed to find some of them and his former comrades-in-arms began arriving to the island. Since all modern ways of warfare are disabled, the use of satellites, information networks, and similar, returning to the old warfare ways is the only way to defend the community. Most of the military units that came to defend the oasis never fought that way, except for one unit of war veterans who fought in war zones across all continents, called the Black Eagles. Priest decides to send all responding units to a military drill that includes old school ways of warfare: cqb, guerilla, search & destroy, recon missions, sea ops, night ops, all led by Black Eagles in the area of a former naval base located near their oasis. Time is running out, training must begin… now !!!